Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Boring Earth

Boring is the earth
Everywhere is the same
Tall buildings covering the sky
The sky is where God used to live.
سوزان عليوان
The dawn is not free
The trees are not free
The wind is not free
The faces, the cars, the play grounds
Not free...
Boring is the earth
Everything is rusty
The glorious smoke rising from the ground
The crazy hiding their heavenly music trying to be normal.
Poems are not free
Paintings are not free
Angels are not free
Laughs, gazes, love
Not free...
Boring is the earth
Crowded stores
People running late
Huge corporation filled with
Groups of uniforms
Walking at the same time, eating at the same time, smiling at the same time.
Revolutions are not free
Prophets are not free
Power is not free
Knowledge, religion, earth
Not free...

Saif Alsaegh
Chicago, 2013